Meet the Team

From email blasts to show posters to one of a kind websites, our deputy of design has done it all! Need a cohesive leave behind brand package? She can do that! How about a logo that really says exactly what your project is about? Yeah, she can do that, too. Just ask!


In addition to being a integral part of dezabulous, our Master of Marketing has also run several other successful business ventures over the years. She’s well versed in marketing standards for a variety of fields, and quick to learn about those new to her. She can help you set up a step by step plan to branding your project and getting it in front of the people who need to see it most.


With experience building front end systems for large companies like Cisco, Wells Fargo, and Thompson Reuters, as well as smaller scale sites for budding entrepreneurs and online shop owners, our web dev guru has the skills to make pretty much anything you can imagine a reality online. She’s up to date with the latest web development technology like: React & Redux, AngularJS, WordPress…and more! Check out her full development CV here.